Richard “Chalkie” White RIP

I am sorry to inform you that Richard “Dick” White, known to all at Trinity as Chalkie, passed away last week after a short illness after a serious heart attack. A fearless full back in his prime, known for covering up his shortage of hair with a bandana, a toothless grin and playing with absoluteley no regard for his (or anybody else’s) personal safety. He loved photography and was a great artist, as demonstated on this picture he did for Terry Pepperell (PS no idea who that is turning up late!).

His son Matt has informed me that his funeral will be held at Wellingborough crematorium at 12PM on Friday the 4th February. “In honour of Dad and his multi colour coat we wish for all attendees to wear an item of colourful clothing to celebrate his life”.

The service will be followed with the wake at Podington Cricket Club. We kindly request that any donations you may wish to give be made to the British Heart foundation”. Matt and family will be delighted if anybody from Chalkie’s old club can attend.

Published by trinityoldboy

Played for Trinity from September 1972 to the end. Held a variety of committee posts over the years

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