G(arr)OD’s Creation 1960….or was it?

In the Beginning……. the club was founded in 1960 according to the Club badge , however further research shows that actually the first meeting to form Trinity Old Boys RFC wasn’t until 27th March 1961! We played our first matches shortly after that meeting, so with a bit of poetic license 1960-61 was our first season! The key instigator was Garrod (but known to all as Garry) Grimshaw, head of games at the then embryonic Trinity High School The school itself was formed from the old Northampton Technical High School which had moved to the school site in 1957 and was renamed Trinity High in 1960*.

Taken from Garry’s entry in the annual Tower School magazine he wrote a letter to 26 “old boys” inviting them to the meeting at the school to discuss the possibility of starting an “Old Boys Club”. At this meeting he was supported by other schoolmasters including the infamous Frank C. “Gunner” Wright (Deputy Head 1956-68), science teacher E.G. “Taffy” Newell and we believe P.J. “Pip” aka “Skull” Harris (then Head of Geography and future Deputy Head 1968-72). Among the 20 or so Old Boys present were some future key players of the club, both on and off the field: Bob Thorogood, at one time fixture secretary, legends John Wilmer, Geoff Keates, Pete Tyrer and the late Les Northover.

Garry* was elected as Chairman, Mick Ryan (Saints & Leicester) was appointed captain and Dick Baker Honorary Secretary, R.D. Jones his assistant and Bill Culley Honorary Treasurer. According to John Wilmer they agreed to each pay sixpence (6d in really old money!) to formerly get the club going. A year later the Headmaster (1946-74) B.S. “Buzzer” Howard was asked to become President

* Garry Grimshaw passed away in 2016 at the age of 97 years, Stewart Slinn attended his funeral with several of the Old Boys, including Bob Thorogood, John Felce and John Wilmer.
After the service he picked up a ‘Celebration of  his Life’ which I have attached as a matter of great interest to the great man.

A number of these players were at other town clubs: Bob Thorogood, along with his two brothers and Tony Hancock, played for Casuals so it was not until they discovered that Trinity only had 13 players that he and Tony decided to change clubs. John Wilmer was a member of the Heathens Colts and didn’t join until the start of the 63/64 season (he later bumped into Geoff Keates and enthused him to come and join).

The club adopted kit of emerald green shirts with white and red hoops, first playing at the school. We later played on various town park pitches before settling at Dallington Park until we created the pitches behind the Express Lifts Tower (now the Saints training ground).

Post-match headquarters initially were just down the Trinity Road from the school at the Romany Pub, but later several other local hostelries were used. See the “Searching for a Home” section in the “More Social Side” tab for more details on these.

* It changed again to Trinity Grammar School in 1969, and it was all change once again in 1973 when it became a comprehensive school and its name became simply, Trinity School. The final change took place in September 2004 when the old school was replaced by the new Church of England school, Unity College, and in the summer of 2005 all of the old school buildings were demolished.  The site of Unity College was itself replaced and is now the Malcolm Arnold Academy.

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