Epilogue – what happened next?

Once the dust had settled of the Club’s sudden and sad end there was a twist to the tale. Some players did not play for while but thankfully most of the younger players wanted to carry on playing rugby, deciding to join other local clubs – once their “enemies” on the field.

This had the very significant effect ironically of building added strength to these clubs, some who had been struggling themselves. As players did not move en masse to just one club, almost every club in the Alliance benefited from the arrival of Trinity players of all levels. This meant when they met to play each other an odd on field rivalry occurred but was soon forgotten in the bar afterwards!

There have been a number of reunions and even groups friends have “toured” together to watch internationals etc. Also Wes Houghton organised a number of Trinity golf days which were well supported, especially at the 19th hole!

In 2006 there was a reunion of the successful Colts sides of the early 1980s.

Former Trinity players to this day still meet up and that bond of old is still there so the club still carries on in spirit …….. we just don’t play rugby anymore.

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