To the end in the ’90s

The 1990s proved to be tougher than anticipated at the time especially as Clubs became more league status focussed and as players started to move around clubs much more than in the past. Locally Towcestrians were in the middle of a winning the Alliance Cup 5 times in a row and were pushing up the league structure. They eventually reached (but not staying long at) Level 4 and a number of Trinity 1st teamers were lured down there. This coincided with with the added training and travelling commitments that came with first team league rugby, which led to a number of “older” players either giving up or no longer looking to play at that level.

The playing side alone could have been dealt with, but costs of pitch maintenance were draining our financial resources and debts built up. Regrettably these 2 factors and that members were being put at financial risk it was decided in October 1991 that we would have to fold.

Northampton Trinity played their last games on Saturday 13th October 1991. The 1st team finished on a relative high and won their home league game vs Dunstablians. A (very) mixed 2nd XV were generous to their Dunstablians host and came second. Everybody then gathered that evening at the club for one last long drink, with grown men openly showing their emotions. The news of our demise had sent shock waves amongst the rugby community. However, players and officials from many local clubs, previously bitter rivals, came not to gloat but to share our “grief”. As the beer ran out together we went “up the sunshine mountain” for one last time.

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