It was great to meet up with old Trinity player Simon Hunt yesterday, unfortunately it was during the “wake” of an Old Scouts player, who had played with and against both of our sons, who had tragically passed away suddenly far too young at only 27.

Simon only joined Trinity when he moved down south in 1989 but we spent a good hour sharing great memories of his time with us and him propping in that last league game vs Dunstablians. Like quite a few he then found a new home with Scouts while I settled at ONs. Coincidentally we both later coached our sons through the age groups, enjoying some great battles against each other (and of course a beer or three after). His son Jack later played for the England Deaf XV while Rory is an ONs 1st XV regular full back/fly half (funny that!). If you’re ever in need of a big shed, Simon’s your man, see www.winvic.co.uk (not that we need sponsors for this site, but come to think of it!)

Simon sent me the programme below from the league game vs Stoneygate in October 1990, interesting read and good to see all the entrepreneurial club members and supporters as programme sponsors (not that I’m looking for any for this site of course!)

We also met up and chatted with Nick Soloman, who played on the wing in that last game. Simon showed us a blow-up picture of the 2 of them with Dave Maskell in the team shot from that day – then compared it side by side with another of the 3 when they recently met up – they have all obviously enjoyed a good life since 1991 and showed it! With many of us working from home these days Nick is your man for a big desk, see https://www.bluefishoffice.co.uk/ (not that we need sponsors for this site…….!)

Later we bumped into Bob Foster who joined us in the latter years from the Saints, as Bob told me at the behest of Jerry Sharpe. Small town that Northampton is, by coincidence his daughter Bea and my daughter Nicole are the best of friends having played together in the Northampton School for Boys Girls XV (what an oxymoron that is!), that I helped coach back in the Noughties!

Talking of old clubmates later this month, along with Pete Collyer, Chris Murphy and Robin Gee, I’m looking forward to meeting up with Musky. After his sojourn en France he and Sue are now exiled in North Lincolnshire so we’re meeting halfway in Rutland!

All this has starting me wondering if there is an appetite amongst you all for us to have a meet up later this year (when Boris allows) to celebrate the Club’s Diamond Jubilee and 30 years since our demise? It a shame that often we seem to meet up on sad occasions like funerals, wouldn’t it be great to have a more positive reason to share a drink or two?

Please leave a message on here or contact me direct (07540 704936) if you’d be interested in coming along, and perhaps being involved in organising and/or contacting old friends who may not have seen this blog.

If you’ve got this far thanks for reading and hopefully, I’ll see you some time soon.

Bish (the elder)

Published by trinityoldboy

Played for Trinity from September 1972 to the end. Held a variety of committee posts over the years

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